World War 3 Coming Soon – America VS Russia

The American President Barrack Obama went to become a new Hitler . He had decided to throw his nation in wars , and that is World War 3 . As you know , he had announced in Media Press Conference , that his secret agencies found chemical weapons in Syria and according to this American sovereign , it either be harmful or danger alarm for his country sake.  Moreover , the American President said that his Military fully prepared to attack on Syria . Some resources of White House also released this News in Media  that the American Navy Forces send their huge armed ships along with fully armed submarines on the way of Syria .

Why War with Syria  Called World War 3

Don’t forgot why everybody give it to a name of World War 3  !!! It’s because the involvement of Russia whose eyes always stayed on the Super Power , also hope that they would get support of China in the biggest war of Century. On the other hand , the America  allies Israel will not get off from this war . It prosperous the American ideas and obey his orders . This World War also impact major effects in more Muslims countries Iran , Iraq , Libyan , Egypt , and its turn on the horrible Alarm .

Russia Supporting Syria

Remember that The Russia scab on the Military Army of Syria , and giving them digital weapons , tankers , and rockets for attack on American force .The Russian President Vladimir Pu tin met with its  Syrian counterpart , and had proved the support from Russian army . Pu tin also told his counterpart that their Military would give more atomic power to Syria .

In all these thrilling , the Saudis Government took somersault  and seeing the allies of America .

Experts Views about World War 3

The analysts viewed all the situations and according to them this World War 3 might be includes these countries  :-

West side :-  America (major role) , Britain , Canada , Israel (major role) , Japan , south Korea , Saudi Arabia , Norway , Germany , Australia .

East side :- Syria (major role), Russia (major role) , Iraq , Iran , China , Cuba , North Korea , Venezuela .

Personal  Views

In my opinion , its revealing the total disaster of Al Qa’ida who had developed to enforces the peace in whole World. But it helpless to took stand up against the America . The millions  innocent  people of Syria are praying  and waiting for a miracles.

Well , Allah may blessed them with peace and happiness . If you want to give suggestions or  share your sympathy with Syrian , you can also comment below .



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