Michael Jackson’s fantasy Estate is Sold

A prince of Pop who died on a month of June in 2009 . The American star also in the list whose death news rank very high and up to two hundred millions dollars , due to so many lovers of Jackson.

The Never land which owned by Micheal Jackson is now-a-days on the position of sale out .The resources of Company Property dealing more said that the minimum price of this fantasy estate of Pop star Micheal is sixty million US Dollars 60 Ms $ , which is not considered a high amount because of rock-star Mr.Jackson fame. The department which controlled all property matter declared the report which said it also includes twenty tower like buildings , movie theaters as well some restaurant all are located in United State of America on Central state of California .
Moreover , the CNN reporting the company look after this that who ever buy this Fantasy estate will be take care due to the respect of Pop star Jackson and also for his fans which found all over the world.The property controlling of United States also really knows that this house becomes a historical place of tourists as well , so the buyer should follow all these rules and regulations.

Who is Managing Micheal Jackson’s Whole Property?

The news is the agreement between the company and Micheal is t sale out between eighty US dollars to ninety US dollars . But the World Rock star did not maintain his career due to his killing disease. However the two companions Mr McClain along with Mr Brancha retain a fantasy estate after the Micheal Jackson died. These two gentle men also run its singer family in Encinno Country Club , the BBC magazine reporter.


Micheal Jackson’s Donations in USA

Micheal Jackson is one of the biggest pop star because he was not only a good dancer but he had also a loyal patriotic person . He was the founder of many orphan house and run many NGOs not in continent of USA but in developing and poor countries as well.He had arranged many concerts and performed free of cost in fund raising concerts . Besides this , no one could deny The Jackson’s popularity and fame which he earned before his death.

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