How to Control the World Around You

Allah…Our lord , Our creator.All praises are for Allah.

For Him(Subha’na hu wa tala) it is

“Only Kun fayakoon”

“Be and it is”


How You Can Change Your Life?

Nothing is impossible for Allah One of the attribute of Allah is that He loves his believing slaves. Allah loves all of his Human beings . He loves more than love of Seventy mothers. seventy (satar) is an Arabic word which does not means the word 70 it means much (kasrat) , Allah’s love for His ummah is much more than our thoughts.

Allah said

“tell to my disobedient people i love them very much and if they know how much I love them at that time joints of their bodies will be scattered.”

just think for a while if that much love is for disobedient how much love will be for obedient.?

Allah says : Allah will bring a people whom He will love and they love Him (Al Maid’dah)”

when Allah gives difficulties to His people He also gives the courage and strength to face that difficulties.

Love for Allah and loving Allah is mandatory for every Muslim. Allah has a gift of Paradise for his believers on the day of  judgment.

In Quran:

As for those who make Allah their friend ans his messenger and those who believe ;it is the party who are victorious (Al Maid’dah:56)

Allah has created every thing from ‘Nothing’ . He created Us from a drop of water (Nutfa).

Allah Says:

Say (O Muhammad S.A.W.W) if you really love Allah ,then follow me,Allah will Love and forgive you your sins (Aale Imran:31)

when the Muslims are on the right path,they are obeying Allah,Allah will sent them Joy,Happiness, Allah fulfills every single wish they wanted.Allah remove the fear (waswasa) from their hearts and give them peace and clear their hearts.And if they start disobedience to Allah,sometimes they say their prayers but not regularly,sometimes they says truth, some times they don’t . Allah will give them small punishment like He take away the joy,Happiness. He gives them anxiety, fear(waswasa) in their heart.

You know why Allah do this? 

Allah do this because he want that his people will turn back to him,Allah knows when His people facing difficulties they will call Allah for help.And Allah will help them because He is a forgiver.He forgive  them who surrender themselves infront of their lord the Only Allah.

Allah only needs the obedience of Him and His messenger from the ummah

Allah gives His ummah At that time even when they are disobeying Him.

Think for a While when we obey Him and His messenger, Our prophet (S.A.W.W) How much joy and happiness He can give to Us?

Pray “Dua” for Seeking Love :

O Allah! i ask you for your love and the love of those who loves you and love of the actions which will make me reach your love.O Allah! make your love more beloved to me than myself ,my family and cold water

(Tirmidhi # 3490)

Islamic World


Allah says:

We are closer to him than (his) Jugular vein (50:16)

Call upon Me;I will respond to you (40:60)

Indeed! Allah is the one who knows every thing in our hearts, He is the forgiver , He gives health , prosperity, wealth and everything the person want.If Allah wants to give ,no one can deny.If  Allah deny, no one can gives us.

“Turn to Allah,before you return to Allah”

Do tabah! and every happiness will be yours.

give your self to Allah,And Allah gives every thing you want!!

Now choice is yours!!

by Yusra


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