Kidnappers Trapped Boys and Girls Through Facebook-Facebook Users Increment Day by Day

In Pakistan kidnappers using Facebook and trapped boys and girls . The most serious and epic problem is that kidnappers are taking advantage of this. Recently a gang has been arrested which consist of a girls also. They make friendships with boys and girls from fake profiles, after that they agree them to meet and then they kidnap them for ransom.Must watch the video of Kidnappers .

Watch Video How Kidnappers Caught People Through Facebook

Facebook Kidnappers Video By Daud Mughal


try to not make new friendships on Facebook , avoid friend requests from unknown person. If don’t know then you would avoid to  meet them. Its better for all of us.

Pakistan Facebook Users Increment Day By Day

It is surprising to know that in Pakistan where literacy rate is only 40% and its Facebook users are crossing a number of 10 million. Pakistan ranks 26 in the list of countries using Facebook. In Pakistan 70% Facebook users are male and 30% users are female.In Pakistan a female  f.b user receive a 13 friend requests daily and a boy receives 5 requests.Facebook penetration in Pakistan is 4.69 %. In Pakistan 80% Facebook profiles are fake. Boys are using f.b with girls name and even some girls are using f.b with boys name.

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