How to Became a Good Programmer ?

If Computer Science Students have any problem? that problem is Programming obviously. Many Students say ‘Good Bye’ to computer Science field only because of the problems of programming. But it is also a reality that programming is fundamental of Computer Science and we (students) never think to leave it.

Now question is that ,  how we became a good Programmer ? This is time taking and hardworking thing but not very difficult as you think. Actually problem is that we want to learn soon and we cannot learn it from start.

Supposed we are decided to learn programming and want to became a good programmer, then from where we want to start ? This is an important question.

First of all we must learn C language. You are thinking that why I cannot say Java or C++ ? I said if you start programming with other than C language you face many problems because there are many new techniques in C++ and java and they hide the real programming techniques.

So now we decide to learn C. On the other hand don’t confuse with programming arrays, try to understand arrays. If you expert in this language one time so you count in the best programmers of the world. Another tip for you is , today there are many automatic codding writting softwares are available in the market. Try to avoid those type of softwares in the starting as possible. When we learnt C it means we have experinced of Structured Programming. Now come to C++ and give time to it. Try to learn OOP (Object Oriented Programming) and other advance functions. Also try to learn “Data Structures” with C++. It makes your programming beautiful and accurate. Now we learnt C++ completely, so there is a open ground for you, go to your favourite field or choose any programming language as you wish. If you like Microsoft .NET , goto there or if you like PHP then goto there. Now you get many oppertunities. But if you want to reached on this stage , you need to work hard and give time to it only one time. After it Mojjaahhhhh hiiii Mojjaaaahhhhhhhhh 🙂

There are many usefull websites on the internet which helps  you to learn Programming. I also share some good tutorials and website in upcoming posts. I hope you like this article. Your suggestions and comments regarding this article are welcome , also you may tell us your programming experience or share problems you face when do or learn programming. We try to resolved them by helping each other.

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