How You Can Make Cooling Machine in Your Home By Easy Way

As we are working for your luxury and we fully tried that we share some good and useful things that helps in your daily life .Now we have a video that helps you to making a cooling machine in very cheap and low budget. This machine you also make in your home . It is very easy to make it . We are on that situation that every thing is very expensive in our country . And these type of inventions are very helpful and useful to stay our lives .Firstly I want to give a little bit introduction of this machine . You bought a basket or a little bath tub . After then with the help of drill machine , make 3 big holes  . Then take 3 glasses fit on these holes .After wards fit a small motor . And start it with a help of battery or electric switch board .


By doing these simple steps you make a cooling machine in your home . I am fully sure that you make this cooling instrument by your own self . Lets try it , I have some of more tricks that i want to share with you . So keep with us , and watch this video and share it with your friends . You can watch this video given below and enjoy this invention of Western Countries .

Watch the Video of Home Made Cooling :-

Interesting Useful Video  by Daud Mughal


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