Hidden Reality of Shahzeb Khan’s Murdered – Shahzeb’s Murdered Theme

Finally the Shahzeb’s Murder Case withdraw from Karachi High Court . After his parents face the media and release this news on media that they accused the Shahrukh Jatoi and his companion crime mates “In the Name of Allah” .

But according to the reporters and journalists that are covering this particular case , their resources told them that all worked had settle down 3 months ago . And this dramatically withdrawing of murder case is just a formality . Moreover , the secret resources of media said that Shahrukh jatoi’s father gave 15 millions$ and gave them the permanent Visa of Australia for injustice.

History of Shahzeb Case Murdered

Well , I remind you Shahzeb Khan was gunned down by Shahrukh Jatoi and by his companion friends (Siraj and Sajjad Talpur ) . According to the FIR report , Shahzeb allegedly had a fight because the Sajjad Talpur’s servant Ghulam Murtaza teased her sister , and this were created the squabble among them .

Meanwhile , after  attempting the murdered Shahrukh Jatoi take off to Dubai . He played hide and seek with SIA and intelligence Bureau .But afterwards SIA caught him with the help of Dubai Security , and brought him into a Sindh High Court .

Justice Awarded Death Sentences for Criminal

Shahzeb murdered Case was under the two judges of Sindh high Court .The justice Musheer Alam has awarded the death sentences to the hardheaded criminals . However , the implementation of this order could not be seeing due to this major set back . The opposition lawyer had proved it that his Clint still under 18 .In all these critical situations , the DSP Auragzeb khan who is a father of Shahzeb khan withdraw this case.

Shahzeb Khan’s Sister Interview

Along all these situations , we can’t neglect the interview of Shahzaib’s sister .In which she described that “We are in very terrible situation and we are under in a high pressure” . It reveals that some truth is missing in all these scenes .

Well , Allah knows better . We condole  and well-wishers of his family, and pray his soul rest in heaven .



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