Homemade Beauty Tips for Girls

Easy Steps to Get Beautiful at your Home

The charm of beauty is very Beautiful. Every single women or girl wants to look beautiful. They wish to make herself more beautiful and attractive.  In this busy life it is very difficult for many of girls or women to go to parlors and take treatments regularly.

Here i am sharing some of treatments for girls or women to maintain their beauty .

Here i m informing you about some easy home tips for skin and hair care,and don’t you worry ,these tips are fully examined by myself and now m sharing these tips with you guys.


homemade easy tips for skin whitening


Beauty Tips for Skin Whitening in Homemade

These tips are as follows ;

  • Honey is a bleaching agent . Apply honey on your face and after 20 minutes wast it out you will get a glowing skin.
  • Take six table spoon of Gram flour (baisan) and one tea spoon of turmeric (Haldi) powder . Mix it well and daily take small quantity of it mix some milk and make paste of it.Apply it on your face and massage gently for 15 mins. it will clear your skin and lighten your skin tone.
  • If your lips are white or black and you want pink lips, take a piece of tomato and rub it on your lips for 5 to 7 mins twice a day.
  • Apply rose water daily on your skin especially at night. it will help you to remove acne from your skin.
  • Take some fresh yogurt and apply it on your face for 30 minutes daily. It will brighten your skin.
  • If you have a problem of dark circles take some quantity of olive oil and massage it on around your eyes gently with your finger tips 10 mins daily at night.
  • Take small quantity of fresh cream. add one tea spoon of lemon then mix it and apply on your face massage gently for Twenty minutes then rub it with tissue paper .this will more effective when you will practice it at night. Surely you will feel the difference in a week.
  • tips_for_skinwhitening_homemade
  • Homemade Beauty Tips for Hairs

  • Take red onions chop it and squeeze its juice then apply this juice on your scalp left it for 20 mins and rinse it off with shampoo. It will give shine to your hairs and good for hair fall problem.
  • Take some quantity of yogurt add one egg and 2 table spoon of Olive it. Mix it well and apply on your hair for two hours then rinse it off with Luke warm water it will remove dandruff and dryness of hair.

Hope these tips will help you!



by YuSra


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