Pics of Birthday Cakes – Cake Ideas for Boys & Girls

Looking for Pics of Birthday Cakes ? You come at very right place. Here we provide you all type of Happy birthday Cakes pictures, Images and photos with their descriptions which include latest cake decorating ideas for general and simple making recipes. We also describe different style birthday cakes for boys and for girls. Kids also love unique style and design of birthday cakes, so you can simply get ideas from here and make decorate your cake after baking it or you may send the desired pics of birthday cakes to your bakery cock, so they will decorate it according to your guidelines.

Happy Birthday Cake Pictures for all :

There is no age to celebrate a birthday or any happy moment with yummy cakes. Here are some beautiful birthday cake ideas are given in high quality images. You can use these designs for any event. Let’s have a look below :

1 – Easy Cake recipes for kids :

It is simply chocolate cake decorated with colorful bounties, these type of designs are best of small kids. Its easy to bake and make give a round shape to your cake using round bowl.

 Birthday cakes designs for Kids

2 –  Photo of Birthday Cake with Candles :

Strawberries and vanilla cake design with lighting candles are shown below. It is a unique style of cake, you can use it on any occasion like Christmas, Birthday, anniversaries  or even in valentines day parties. It also suites to all ages and genders 😉 There are total three styles, you can choose and get unique ideas to decorate your own.

happy birthday cake with candles

pics of birthday cake - chocolate cake

chocolate cake for birthday ideas

 3 – Cupcakes :

You can design red velvet cupcakes, they are very popular. It is easy to distribute cupcakes among guests of party. Child who don’t like sharing, just follow the design below and make cakes in unique designs. You can also  make it for wedding ceremonies.

cupcakes for birthday

golden cake for birthdays

Pics of Birthday Cakes for Boys :

If you are going to design a birthday cake for boys, they have some different choice, normally boys love cartoon characters who are strong and have super powers like batman, superman, Pokemon etc. You can also include some physical games touch to cake like football or cricket bat on the cake,. These type of things give a look of men’s cake and your make child baby will definitely inspired from your decoration and remember it in his whole life. Its recipes are not very difficult but make sure you have to get some characters on your hand when baking it. Let’s see some ideas in the form of photos below :

 1- Batman style dark black Cake design for boys kids :

See some special and unique images having new and latest birthday cake ideas for boys and men. These are full of characters :

dark black cake for boys

birthday cake pics for boys

football cake design for boys

boys birthday cakes decorating ideas cream birthday cake pics for boys

happy birthday cakes for boys or men


Pics of Birthday Cakes for Girls :

If you are going to celebrate a birthday for a girl or female. You should follow a different pattern and style to impress girls. Normally we use vanilla flavor in white color for girls cakes and chocolate colors for boys so you should try to use pink and white colors or any other light colors in your whole decoration process. After baking you birthday cake, start give a light look with light colors and use some dolls style on it. Let’s see some special designs pics of birthday cakes for girls.

1 – First birthday cakes for girls in light colors :

As described above you have to stick with light theme when its for girl, so you can some examples below. You can use ribbons, small bounties, fruits like cherry, strawberry or colorful shells to decorate over cream. Design some flowers (Use artificial flowers to give it a beautiful look). or boxes etc.

birthday cake for girls

cake designs for girls

ribbon style cake designs for girls

2 – Birthday cake designs with names :

here are some unique ideas of cakes with names. You can write names and wishes or greetings on the cake using creams, stickers or wax. Wax is also used in candles as well as help you to decorate your cakes or pastries because it easily stick and fixed there. Have a look on some examples below :

birthday cake design with name

cake designs for baby girls

simple birthday cake design for females

If you see all above pics, I am sure now  your head is popping with some great ideas to celebrate your loved ones birthday, or even you can make it for your self. Now its your turn, Just pick any style from these or merge two or three designs and make one unique happy birthday cake with full of juice of cream. It will not even tasty but also have a beautiful look. You can take some selfies with it and upload on social profile to impress others. Your friends will call you to make it for them and give you value. Share this post if you really like it and also give some rating using stars. See you with some more ideas and trends. cheers 😀


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