Good News for Football Lovers – Messi & Neymar becomes Good Friends

The World is hunger for the footballers like Leo Messi and Neymar .Leo Messi and Neymar are the most talented players in the world . The Brazilian young star has talked to the BBC Sports reporter , and has revealed that  he speaks about his Argentine friend  , Leo Messi who has also his teammate . The Brazilian  reiterated the Messi respect for the forth time Ballon dor Winner .The young  21 years old Brazilian also told the reporters , that he feels very excited because as of now he becomes a part of Leo Messi Club .

messi and neymar 2013

Don’t forgot the Brazilian striker came in the Lega Championship from Santos for $76 Million US Dollars .

Neymar Inspired from Ronaldo and Messi

Neymar more says that he has inspired with Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo . Both The Messi and Ronaldo are the best strikers of Argentina and Portugal respectively . He gave more respect to his seniors and said they both are the best strikers in the world .

Neymar Worked Hard for Barcelona

Neymar also told the BBC Sports reporter that he and his Argentine teammate are becoming good friends . He loved to play with him . He showed his loyalty and said i know there is a lot of expectations over me . I will do work hard  for my team . Moreover , Neymar says that he would just trying to adjust in Barca as early as possible .Barca is the most  beautiful club .

Remember that , Brazilian world class footballer debut in 13 years  , when he had started his carrier from his childhood Brazilian football club   .


    ITS a excellent wrk 4 neymar :* u our hero <3

    • Daud Mughal


  • Ayesha Malik

    Neymar should not leave his chlhood club. it gave him alot fame , money and alot . n now he is doing wrng for choosing his club Barca .

  • Fariyha Shehzad

    Loveeeeeee Ronaldo , loveeeee messsiiiii <3

  • Sumeira Nadeem

    appretiatable decsn , both are stars and play in a same club .it goooood for a fans 🙂

    • Daud Mughal

      yups u r rite .. 😛

  • Sundas Ahmed

    its good apny seniors ko respect dena chye tbi u would bcm rockstar 😉

  • salman

    we’re talking here about players not rockstars 😛

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      hahaha.. wht do u mean ? 😛

  • salman

    i’m a great fan of Cristiano Ronaldo………….

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