Create Complete Website Backup using CPanel

backup of site from cpanelJust in previous post, we discussed different methods of creating backup of your WordPress site. Now we see easiest way to create backup of your site by using CPanel. Most of the hosting providers give this feature in your hosting CPanel. From this feature you will create backups of all type of sites either WP, Joomla or custom site including your database files.

Following are the steps involved to create complete backup using CPanel :

Step 1:

Login to your CPanel with your username and password. Mostly your CP is access by this address or may be different depends on your hosting provider company.

Step 2:

In your CP icons, find “Backups” under files section or may be any other location if your hosting provider give you a custom CP.

download backup from cpanel

 Step 3:

Now click on “Download or Generate Backup” Button as shown in below screenshot.

website backup from cpanel

When your site backup is completed you will recieved an email on the given id. Time of completion depends on the size of your website. After recieveing successful completing Backup email, you will be able to download it from your CPanel.

download backup of your blog using Cpanel

After completing Download, unzip it and see your all site files including DB files. So its very easy to generate backups automatically using your CP. Repeat this process to every month and delete older backup using FTP softwares like Filezilla. Because if you generate new ones without deleting olders, they take your precious hosting space, so save them in your local computer hard drives instead of online backups.

I hope this will really help you, I will also publish new and easy ways to restore backups on your site. Till then cheers… 🙂


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