PTA has Banned all Voice and SMS Packages

“Nothing is impossible in the World” is a very useful and motivational idiom . And  the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) had  proved  that in Pakistan everything  has happened. yeah ,I am talking about the shocking and unbelievable decision of General-Director of PTA Muhammad Talib Dogar who had ordered the Cellular Mobile Operators to immediately stops all the packages of voice and SMS chat packages , for being against  morel values of society, till September 2 ,2013 .

Due to Morel Values of Society

The Director General of (PTA) also send a letter and reminded the Telecommunication Authorities that he instructed them to quit offering the night packages “contrary to morel values of society”  , but the Private Companies neglected the orders and challenged into the High Court on November, 2012.

The PTA also said the Telecommunication Companies the violation of the policy should be terminated and submitted their reports on 2, September. On the other hand , the licences of violators might be cancelled and their companies get off from Pakistan .

Telecommunication Companies Decided to go on a Islamabad Court

Well , it’s a screaming decision of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) . The famous Cellular Operating Companies once again decided to take this decision on Islamabad Court and challenge it. The Telecommunication Operating Companies are the most profitable and strongly gripped on Pakistan finance, and paid the Million Dollars $ taxes in per day . The increment of mobile users also increasing day by day dramatically in our Country, and now it reached on approximately 118,316,916 subscribers which deserves applaud .These all subscribers would be a victim of a decision from protagonist of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA .


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