Bangladesh Cricket Team Crying- Bangladesh Crowd Crying Videos

Today we are sharing very interesting video of Asia cup match between Pakistan vs Bangladesh . During this match Bangladesh is on fire during his batting . They play very well and scored three plus in front of very strong and dangerous bowling attack of Pakistan .The excellent batting of Bangladesh creates highly expectation and the crowd of Dhaka stadium emotionally attached with this thrilling League match .This is the reason that group of girls could not stop their emotions and started crying especially when the Captain of Bangladesh Mushfiquar Rahim dropped the catch of Pakistani Star allrounder  Shahid Afridi .

Watch the video of Bangladesh Cricket Team and fans are Crying below :-

Bangladesh Cricket Team Crying

Bengali Baba Magic in Asia Cup 2014

The one of the most interesting thing in this magic is the reaction of Bengali Baba , who was consistently trying to do the magic during the match. But Shahid Afridi just stopped and failed his magic and take Pakistan on the road of success. Atlast Pakistan won by his team effort and absolutely the hero of match is boom boom Afridi .

Bangladesh Cricket Team and crowd Crying 

You can watch clearly in this pic that Bengali girls are crying when Afridi’s catch was dropped.


Well its a game, we should take this as a game don’t take this serous. But we can’t neglect this that especially in sub-continent, people emotionally attach with cricket. This is the major factor that people loose their patience and they want to win.

Virat Kohli Cried Several Times when India Lost

We saw most of the time that sometimes players could not show sportsman spirits. We watched many times the Indian skipper Virat Kohi found crying whenever his team lost the big matches. The real and classic players always shows his aggression in the match and they create a best examples of Sportsman spirit .

by Daud Mughal


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