Super Moon Tonight Live

Super Moon Tonight Central Time Live

Head Up! Super Moon is On Sky ……

A super moon is a type of moon. Its size is  bigger than the normal size of moon.

The term ‘Super Moon’ was originally told by Astrologer Richard Nolle Back in 1979 for an article published in Horoscope Magazine

Normal distance of moon is about 382900 kilometers

If a Full moon is closer than 360000 kilometers. It is called Super Moon.

The technical name is the ‘Perigee-syzygy.

According to NASA a full moon at perigee is up to 14 % larger and 30% brighter than Apogee.




What is Perigee?

when the moon is closer to the earth it is called perigee.

What is Apogee?

During a month, when the moon is furthest away from earth is called apogee.

Moon attracts the waves of oceans .When it is Super Moon its gravitational force will be much stronger than the micro moon or normal moon.

Micro moon is when the moon is farthest away from earth.

Super Moon is rarely happens in a year.

Moon has a great power over ocean tides.when we talk about super moon,the tidal force is greater up to 18% .Scientists tells us it depends on the amplitude of tides.

Astrologer said that a moon is also linked with emotions and our feminine side.When a super Moon is Involved the emotional behavior is expected more than usual .Bad and good behaviors will come more easily .many said that behavior and mood swings are affects of full moon.

Does the full Moon have an Effect on Human behavior?




Many people questioned that human body has 75% water does it is effected by the Moon or Super Moon??

 In ‘Live Science ‘ an article answered that question  the moon’s effect on the body is too slight to cause an effect. Even in the great lakes , tides never exceed 2 inches.

Smith said:

You have to have an excuse for your poor behavior, so you might as well use the moon for it.

well! it will be a great discussion that it has effect on human or not.

Today is 10th August and today the moon will look unusually larger than the size of normal moon.

Be prepared for the tidal wave of energy tonight

Stay Blessed!!



by YuSra


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