How to choose domain name for your website or Blog?

search your domain nameIts a general question and everyone thinks when decided to start a personal or business website or a niche blog. Its not very difficult to choose your domain name if you know your website / blog topic very well. But still you have to keep some points in your mind when choosing a domain name, these points help you to grow your business / website in SEO view…



Choose keywords for your domain name:

Domain name must be related to your topic of site. Domain name should have keywords which you think visitors search on search engines.

for example, your website is related to “cricket” then your domain name must have keyword cricket. You may add some other keywords to make it unique and make sure it is available and not already registered. Use Google Adwords keyword Tool to choose best keywords for your domain name related to your topic.

 Here is a link of Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Size of your domain name:

Domain name Size for Business/Companies Sites:

Many Webmasters think that size of domain name should be small as possible so that users / visitors can easily remember it and type it correctly and easily. I am also agree with this point but domain name should be meaningful specially for personal sites and niche blogs.

for example , A University name is “Allama Iqbal Open University” and its domain name is in short form by taking first Alphabet from every word i.e “AIOU.Com”. This type of name is suited for official business companies sites because in real there is no meaning of “AIOU” it is only an abbreviation  Now its a question why this name is suited for only business and companies? because as such a whole company name is also no meaning in real “Allama Iqbal Open University” has no meaning.but a word ‘University’ have a useful meaning so its better name is ‘’. Now its domain name show, its a University site 🙂

Domain name Size for Niche Blogs/Sites:

if you are going to choose your domain name for Niche blogs or personal sites, you have no boundaries to selecting name. so you should select domain name related to your topic and your domain name must have meaning and users understand your site topic by reading your domain URL. Do not exceed your domain name size of 15 characters.

How domain name important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

Domain name is very important in SEO point of view because Search Engine crawlers give high priorities to your domain name keywords and second priorities to Title and Headings (h1,h2,h3) of pages. If searched keywords are available on your domain name then there are many chances that your sites comes first in search results.

for example,

if we search for “Online Games” in Google Search Engine. We get many results but note that maximum sites have keyword ‘Games’ and ‘Online’ in their domain name. So it proofs that how domain name is important for SEO.

Here is a Video tutorial which helps you to understand the importance of domain name for SEO. This video is in Urdu / Hindi Language and shared in YouTube.


Search Domain Name:

Now remember all points described above and search domain name for your website / blog. I hope you will get your favourite name which also fulfil SEO requirements. There are many hosting and domain registration sites that provide a facility to search domain names availability but I want to share my favourite website to search domain name.

Click here to Search Your Domain Name

Your Turn:

If you think I miss any important point in above then mention it below also share your experience of choosing and buying Domain names which help newbies to select domain names for their sites. Your experience and suggestions will be appreciated. Keep Reading and sharing till next Post 🙂


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