Skype , Viber and Whats Apps Banned in Karachi – Skype Banned in Pakistan

The Sindh Government has decided to switch off Skype , Viber and other communication apps due to security reasons in the province. According to the Sindh Government the terrorists are using these Whats apps and becoming terrorizing programs by using Skype and Viber.

Why Skype , Viber  Banned ???

The Minister of Communication Sharjeel Memon released on media that they send a letter to a federal government that they wanted to switch over Skype , Viber along with all communication voice Whats Apps .

Watch Video  Banned of Skype and Viber :-

Banned of Skype and Viber video by Daud Mughal

Secret Reasons of Skype and Viber Banned

Some secret resources also said  that Sindh Government take this decision under the pressure of cellular mobile companies . It is because if Whats Apps banned in Pakistan than more profit earn by telecommunication companies . People use Skype and viber and talking to their relative free of cost , and this cause heavy loss to the Mobile Companies . That’s why they gave crores to Sindh Government and this fool Sindh Government requested to federal Department to switch off these whats apps.  Moreover , the Government said that they would not banned these apps only in Sindh . If they took a decision ,then its terminates in whole country .Its clearly mean that Punjab , KPKH and Baluchistan would also suffered from this poor decision .

Heavy Condemn of Banned

I heavily condemn this decision of Sindh Government . They are bastard government . We never give them a right that they snatch the real rights for us .They are not taking these fool decisions first time . They further taking these rubish decision when they banned other Whats apps , banned you tube without think over about the conditions . These social media is for our luxury not for banned .

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Skype Banned video by Daud Mughal

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