Review of SomeVisits.Com A Scam Site in Pakistan

Many Pakistani friends caught in the scam site I decided to write a review on this because I already worked on the site and It is 100% scam and fraud site. So don’t waste your time on it. I notice many sites giving positive review about this site but trust me it is fully scam and if your are thinking to work on the site then your are going to waste your time.

somevisits scam

What is Somevisits.Com

It is a site giving opportunities to advertisers of the websites who want page views and charge them for valid page-views. On the other hand it provide free account to Workers who want to earn money online by visiting their advertisers websites.

The concept was good but unfortunately they are failed to get advertisers and on the other side get success to attract workers. They are failed to make the balance between advertisers and workers at the end.

They Put Fake Advertisers Ads on the Site :

When they don’t receive advertisers but have thousands of workers who are ready to work on the site, they start putting fake advertisers web pages for viewing. Use your common sense here, why the giant companies like apple, IBM and Microsoft give their sites to somevisits for increasing their Page views :p It is not less than any joke.

So, if somevisits owners don’t receive any money from advertisers then how they pays you ? think about it.

How you receive Payments from SomeVisits.Com ?

It is common question which is asked by every worker that when and how they received their Payments after completing minimum payout amount, so my friends they offers you PayPal Payment method which is not worked in Pakistan. Here is one very interesting thing is have 100% visitors from Pakistan 🙂 proof is alexa Rank. Screen shot is given below : review a scam

Now question is arise, if they have 100% visitors from Pakistan then why they offer PayPal payment method ?

Anyway, Its true, they know that their traffic comes from where because I have a PayPal account and I give them to send payment on that account so they said you are not allowed to use PayPal too although I created account from UK England where they are supported PayPal. But here is a real game start, they said to you that they will send you payments in Pakistan if you create an online account on the site and then get your VISA Card to withdraw Money from ATM. May be Eprepaynow giving some commision to somevisits of may be they both the sites are running by the same owners. So I assume eprepaynow is also part of this scam.

My Suggestion to all Pakistani Friends :

I will strongly giving you this advice that you don’t waste your time on this fake and fraudulent sites. Be careful specially when giving money to someone. This site is complete fake and scammers try to target the innocent peoples of Pakistan, India and other under-progress countries.

I am not saying that every site is fake and it is not possible to earn money online, there are hundreds of guanine ways, where you can earn real money after putting some efforts. But some proper investigation is required about the site before start working on it. If you need any help in this regard you can mail me or comment below. Also share your experience. I experience all the sites and schemes like GMI, PTC networks etc. Specially if you want to know anything about this scam site then you are more than welcome, I feel happy to giving you answers. Take care and see you with some new tutorial. 🙂

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