All Horror Movies of Hollywood 2013 with Promo – List of Horror Movies 2013

We are in twentieth Century , in which everybody wants thrill and some twists in his life . Viewers have take their much interest to watch action ,  social and romantic movies . But the horror movies have their own importance in our culture and social media . That’s why these movies attract the people , whenever they released on big pictures . The horror stuff mostly got fame among children and young generation. So according to your taste , we have  a list of all Block Basters of   all Horror Movies of 2013 .

Following below have a list of all Best Hollywood Horror Movies of 2013 :-


Movies Title

Director Names

Evil Deed

Fede Alvarez

Dark Skies

Scott Stewart

The Complex

Fede Alvarez

The Last Exorcism Part II

Ed Grass-Donnelly

Midnight Train

Zhang Jiangnam

Mysterious Island 2

Rico Chung

Lift 2 Hell

Ning Jingwu

Pee Mak

Banjong Pisanthanakun

Long Weekend

Taweewat Wantha


Andres Muschietti

Warm Bodies

Jonathan Levine

World WarZ

Marc Forster


You also watch the promo of all horror movies to click the links . Hope so these movies have a great fun and thrill in your life. Lets enjoy your weekend !!!



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