Israel Attacks on Gaza / Palestine

Everything seems to be calm from now on as the war between the two countries (Israel & Palestine) which has going on comes to a STOP but is there any guarantees that this evil attacks by Israel will not to be happens again in future.

 Facebook and Social Media Showed the Real Face of Israel

The protests from the Muslim ummah has put a great effect specially our social media platform Facebook had played an important roles and revealed the real evil face of Israel.

How Much  Palestinians Killed by Israel Attack?

From behind the scene the videos and photos of Israeli attack on Gaza shows the world about the evil backside of this country. Killing of almost 2000 people with almost 10000 injured a great lost for Palestinians .almost 500000 peoples become homeless with more than 17000+ missile attacks on Gaza in comparison to that only 67 people (children and women not included) killed and no one become homeless from Israel how much damage cause to the un – armed civilians of Gaza.



United Nation is Silent and Supporting Israel

But this cruelty not finishes yet the peace keepers (UN/Arab league) does not tried to stop these attacks by Israel or should I say Israel , the UN today is still supporting Israel and does not counts or see’s the loss which happened in Gaza. Is there any replacement for those children who lost their parents or for those parents who lost their children.



Muslims Should Boycott Israeli’s Product

If we have to stop the attacks from Israel and wanted that Palestinians should get their rights of living than we all have to stand unite, there is nothing more stronger than the unity of muslimummah we all have to be strong against the Israel we people can do this by boycotting the Israeli products coke etc and by exposing there evilness on different media platforms this will surely make Israel weaker. We all have to fight until Palestinians got completely free from the hell of Israel.

by M. Sohaib

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