How to remove encoded WordPress footer links from premium themes?

how to remove wordpress footer links

There are many tutorials available on internet who teaches you that how to remove footer links from WordPress themes. Some good themes have single or multiple links on footer and if you want to use that theme for your client website / blog then you must need to remove footer links or replace it by yours.

There are different methods to remove footer links from your WordPress theme, sometimes whole code is encoded in machine language and you are unable to decode it and sometimes you also don’t know where is a file of footer links or credit links. So in this condition you are failed to remove links. However you may get succeed to decode and remove or replace footer links but these methods are difficult and mostly not working, specially newbies feel headache when decide to remove intact links. So I am here to teach you how to remove that links from your blog theme in simple and easy steps. This trick is also work with all type of themes whether encoded in machine language or not.

Step 1:

First of all go to Appearance > Editer
(This is your currently activated theme editor).

Step 2:

In Editer by default style.css file is opened.
we work in this file.
(sometimes css of theme is available on manual or custum created files but extention is must be .css)
Now read css code or find something like “footer” or “Credit” or “copyright”.

Step 3:
when you find class or id in CSS with name footer or footer links or credit links or any other like this.

Note: (class is starting with dot (.) and id is starting with (#)).

You simply write a small code in css that is:


which is look like this if your id is ‘footer’.

#footer{ display:none;}


Step 4:

That’s it. Now update CSS file and check your site. Your intact footer links are removed now.

How it works:

This trick is actually work in CSS. In reality links are not removed from theme and they used as a back-link but by using CSS (cascading style sheet) power we remove links by invisibles them.
To clear it more, I have a small video tutorial with experiment which helps you to clear your concept. This video is in Urdu / Hindi Language and shared in Youtube. So if you are from Pakistan you need any Proxy software to unblock YouTube first.


I hope after watching this video you have no doubts and confusions. If any one need my help to do this. I am here to help you to remove footer links from any WordPress theme.

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