Fun Things to do on your Computer during Internet Connection Breakdown!

It is unthinkable to live without the internet during this time and age. Whether it is communication, surfing about latest fashion trends, reading the latest bullets about happenings in the world or watching a fun video in, none of it is possible without an internet connected device. Although in major cities like Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi, especially in their posh housing societies like DHA and Bahria Town high-speed internet is a standard amenity of the houses and apartments, as advertised here; we have to face internet breakdown from time to time. Following are some fun things to do on a computer without internet:net connection break down

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  • Play Games:

    such as Minesweeper, Solitaire and Farm Frenzy etc.

  • Watch TV Shows:

    Always torrent your favorite TV Shows on your laptop, so once there is no internet you can peacefully watch them.

  • Enjoy Music:

    Always have your favorite playlist on your laptop and relax yourself while listening to your favorite songs.

  • Read E-Books:

    Download your favorite story books and read them when you cannot access the internet. There tons of them here waiting to be read.

  • Re-live Old Pictures:

    Refresh your memory by browsing through your past pictures in your folder and enjoy every minute of it.

  • Designing on Paint:

    Use paint, Photoshop pictures, do graphic designing and use your creative instincts in every possible way.

  • Write a Story:

    Vent out your emotions, your stress. Make your word document your canvas and let your creative juices flow, these tips might help.

  • Sort your documents:

    All the files and documents which had to be sorted but you did not have time to create separate folders for them, now is the time to organize that mess.

  • Personalize your computer:

    Add a desktop picture of yourself, change the desktop color, more tips here.

Keep in mind there is a real lifeoutsidethe digital life! So shut down your computer, give yourself a break, meet your family, go out with your friends!

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