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When we think to develop a big website , we will see many languages and platforms in the market to use for our website but it depends on our needs. Some times we will make an image in our mind that one programming language is better than other, or  some particular platform is better. But it is not a reality. Now we are talking about some popular and big websites that have using different platforms, servers,programming languages and also see the time period when the domains of these sites were registered.

Keep in mind we only talk about programming languages not designing or fundamental web languages like html, css,xml, java script etc. So let’s view and compare the below websites by their server platforms and programming languages.

Websites Working Since Server Platforms Use Programming Languages
Google.com November 1998 Linux C, Java, C++, PHP & MySQL
Facebook.com February 2004 Linux PHP, MySQL and C++
Yahoo.com August 1995 Linux C++, C, Java, PHP & MySQL
Youtube.com (owned by Google) February 2005 Linux C, Java and MySQL
MSN.com (owned by Microsoft) August 1995 Windows ASP.net
Live.com (owned by Microsoft) August 2008 Windows ASP.net
Wikipedia January 2001 Linux PHP & MySQL
Amazon.com October 1995 Linux and Solaris C++, Java, J2EE
WordPress.com November 2005 Linux PHP & MySQL

In these websites msn.com and live.com are owned by microsoft and the programming language asp.net and server platform i.e windows also owned by microsoft so obviously they use their own server platform and programming language to promote it too. But you should see the performance of all websites and trying to decide which programming language and server platform is better ? and which programming languages you want to use to develop your own sites? You will give me your comments below regarding this post.


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