PHP & MySQL (Web Development) Tutorial in Urdu

Today’s world is of marketing and advertisements, Website is the cheapest and professional way of marketing of any business or product in all over the world. Therefore demand of web development increasing day by day. If you want to become a web developer, you should learn PHP (A web scripting language) and MySQL (a database used along with PHP). Unfortunately in Pakistan, many of internet users don’t understand English language clearly therefore they don’t get benefit from English Video tutrials and E-books written by professionals on web development and on PHP. So I decided to share a Complete tutorial of web development using PHP and MySQL in Urdu.

PHP and MySQL Urdu Tutorial

I will give a link of tutorial at the end of this post. First we explore the course content of this tutorial here. All lessons will be available in Urdu. So don’t worry about English skills.

Course Contents of PHP Tutorial in Urdu

Lesson #1 : Introduction to PHP and Web Development :

  • What is PHP ?
  • History of PHP
  • What is MySQL ?
  • Why we use PHP and MySQL for web application development ?
  • Its awesome working
  • Connectivity with databases
  • Built-in Libraries
  • Easy to Use
  • Free of Cost
  • Object Oriented approach in PHP (OOP in Urdu)
  • Sources availability
  • Supports¬†availability

Lesson #2 : Installations and Creating Environment for PHP

  • Server installation (Wamp or Xamp)
  • Editor Install (Notepad++ OR Dreamweaver)
  • How PHP server internally works?
  • Remove Conflicts from other Software like Skype or antiviruses.

Lesson #3 : Operators, Variables and Constants

  • Basic Syntax of PHP
  • Variables assigning and declaring
  • Operators (Logical, Arithmetic)
  • Constants

Lesson #4 : Protocols of PHP and their understanding

  • How PHP program run?
  • How PHP and client and server communicate with each other?
  • HTTP Protocols / HTTP Requests / Response

Lesson #5 : Super Global Arrays, Conditional Statements and Switch Statement

  • POST
  • GET
  • Their switching flow
  • If else with examples, Switch statements with examples

Lesson #6 : Loops and String Functions

  • What are loops?
  • Type of loops (for, while, do-while, for-each)
  • breaking loops
  • String function in PHP and their use
  • Time and date functions and their use in web development apps

Lesson #7 : Functions and Arrays in PHP

  • What are functions?
  • How to create function in PHP ?
  • Scope of variable in function.
  • Arguments passing
  • Arrays introduction
  • Details and types of arrays in PHP and their construction explain with the help of programming examples
  • Functions of arrays and use of loops in arrays

Lesson #8 : Working with HTML forms in PHP (Form Validations and Sessions)

  • Creating ¬† forms
  • Elements of forms (Text area, radio buttons, check boxes etc)
  • Creating Registration Form
  • Regular Expressions (Form Validations using PHP)
  • Creating sessions and used in forms

Lesson #9 : Create a Complete Dynamic Website Layout using Include & Require Functions of PHP

  • Conversion of HTML website to dynamic PHP website
  • Use and difference of PHP include and require function

Lesson #10 : Creating Files and Upload Files using PHP

  • What are files?
  • Creating files
  • working with files
  • Read/Write files
  • Upload Files on server using HTML forms

Lesson #11 : MySQL Database and PHP

  • Intro to database
  • creating database in MySQL
  • CRUD operations (Create,Read,Update and Delete)
  • Sorting and searching in database MySQL in PHP interface
  • Intro to PHPmyAdmin

Lesson #12 : Pagination of MySQL records in PHP (Urdu)

  • Learn Pagination in Urdu
  • Setting pages limit
  • Show records of database on web pages with pagination
  • Searching records

Lesson #12 : Sending Emails using PHP

  • Setting email server (SMTP)
  • Use of mail function

Lesson #12 : Ajax and PHP

  • Relation of PHP and Ajax and their working
  • Examples and concepts of JavaScript

Lesson #13 : Graphics and PHP

  • Introduction of graphics
  • Colors
  • Coordinate System
  • Generate Images
  • Create new images
  • Color selections
  • Basic functions of drawing
  • Draw a pixel over image
  • Creating thumbnails
  • Creating Photo Gallery
  • Write text over image

These are all course out lines of PHP Urdu tutorial which start from very basic level and ends with advance PHP and MySQL project. Now You download this tutorial from below link in PDF.

Click here to Download Complete PHP Tutorial in Urdu


Need My Help to learn PHP ?

Dear readers, As you know I am also a web developer from last two years, I love to write PHP programs. Actually its my hobby. So If you need any type of help or want to solve any query. Please do not hesitate to ask here. I will answer your comments and try to solve them. Also I am recording a complete PHP tutorial in Urdu from basic to advance level including Object oriented programming. MVC frameworks will also included in that series of videos. I have not enough time to record these videos, but I try my best to release them very soon. Every time when I get free time I record a new tutorial so keep in touch because soon I will release complete video tutorial.

Read above e-book completely and do practice regularly. After reading Urdu e-book also read this english tutorial of PHP and MySQL Web development which is also available for free download below :

Download PHP 6 Tutorial  (Dynamic Web site Development)


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