Best Mehndi Designs for Hands You Should Try in 2016

Mehndi is used by girls and women to look pretty. Mehndi is one of the important parts of weddings, parties and events. Females never feel complete without Mehndi therefore they always try to design beautiful and different mehndi designs. Here we are going to share some latest Mehndi designs of 2016 for hands. Although Mehndi is also used to draw patterns on feet, arms and shoulders and we will focus on the hands Mehndi designs only.

Simple Mehndi Designs for Events:

arabic mehndi designs for hands pictures

Mehndi Designs for hands

Beautiful Mehndi Designs for hands

Modern Mehndi Designs 2015 for hands

Mehndi designs for hands trends 2015

easy mehndi designs for hands

Mehndi is also known as henna in some countries. It has no side effect even it has many benefits of health. Mehndi is useful in summer season as it helps to lower the temperature. It is used by all the ages of women. Overage females who don’t like to use nail polish on their nails, they use mehndi to put on their nails. It gives natural color to nails. These creative mehndi designs help you to draw your designs. You should try these designs in 2015.

arabic mehendi designs

Pakistani mehndi designs 2015

These mehndi designs are not only for brides but also for guests who are going to attend any marriage parties or any other event. You should not bind yourself with any shared design. You can add anything from yourself or you can also try to combine one or two from these to create a new henna design. These are just for giving you an idea of 2015 running mehndi designs.

Latest Mehndi Designs for Girls 2015

Click on the images to see in full screens. These henna designs are simple enough to try but look elegant and impressive.

Hope you like all these mehndi designs for hands in 2015. Thank You for being a part of SWP. If you find it helpful. You can share these pictures on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.


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