200 High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List 2016

Social Bookmarking is an old method of making backlinks and it will help to improve search engine ranking. Here I will share more than 200 Social Bookmarking Sites list all have good authority and Google Page Rank from PR 10 to 1. I am sharing this list because of many requests but before share the list I would like to reveal some myths and realities about the social bookmarking sites in 2016

Reality of Social Bookmarking Sites in SEO:

Before you start making links from these social Bookmarking sites list, I want to reveal some reality about this strategy. Social bookmarking sites are considered spam in white hat SEO. So don’t use them too much. Only use few of them. They don’t add too much weight to your links. But obviously if you are going to market your brand , you should use them because you can submit links, images to show your brands and market your sites.

Getting Traffic from Social Bookmarking Sites:

Mostly small bookmarking sites sent you nearly no traffic because no one is like to use directories or bookmarking sites to search anything. We all use search engines. Therefore we should not expect any huge number of traffic from these sites.

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High PR and Authority Social Bookmarking Sites List 2015:

Keep all the above realities in your mind but don’t leave your hopes. Still some High PR sites are available on the web where you can make some good links. May be they are no-follow but help to build some trust in eyes of Google and you will rank better.

Here I will only listed some sites list. You can download complete list of 200+ bookmarks sites from the link given at the end of this page.

  1. pinterest.com (PR 9)
  2. hangouturl.com (PR8)
  3. reddit.com (PR 8)
  4. tumblr.com (PR 8)
  5. friendfeed.com (PR 8)
  6. delicious.com (PR 8)
  7. stumbleupon.com (PR 8)
  8. slashdot.org (PR 7)
  9. webseoexpertservices.com (PR 7)
  10. digg.com (PR 7)
  11. newsvine.com (PR 7)
  12. fark.com (PR 7)
  13. designfloat.com (PR 7)
  14. diigo.com (PR 7)
  15. bibsonomy.org (PR 7)
  16. folkd.com (PR 6)
  17. actweb-sport.com (PR 6)
  18. pearltrees.com (PR 6)
  19. dropjack.com (PR 6)
  20. blinklist.com (PR 6)
  21. dzone.com (PR 6)
  22. bizsugar.com (PR 5)
  23. killerstartups.com (PR 5)
  24. soup.io (PR 5)
  25. fwisp.com (PR 5)
  26. ak3.biz (PR 5)
  27. dotnetkicks.com (PR 5)
  28. lintas.me (PR 4)
  29. thinmarker.com (PR 4)
  30. social-bookmarking.net (PR 4)
  31. qqpipi.com (PR 4)
  32. youmob.com (PR 4)
  33. easybm.com (PR 4)
  34. ngopost.org (PR 4)
  35. packg.com (PR 3)
  36. bookmark4you.com (PR 3)
  37. freshpips.com (PR 3)
  38. cloudytags.com (PR 3)
  39. canadiancurrent.com (PR 3)
  40. a2zbookmarks.com (PR 3)
  41. prbookmarks.com (PR 3)
  42. bookmark2you.com (PR 3)
  43. ezinedirectory.in (PR 3)
  44. xrumerservices.info (PR 3)
  45. articlesubmission.co (PR 3)
  46. articlewritingservices.biz (PR 3)
  47. manualarticlesubmission.biz (PR 3)
  48. cbnco.biz (PR 3)
  49. vbusacareers.com (PR 3)
  50. americasfutureleaders.com (PR 3)
  51. url.org (PR 3)

For more, Use Below link to download compete List.

Download 200 Social Bookmarking Sites List 2015

 I will wait for your thoughts about these type of links. I also shared big giants social networking sites too. Don’t confuse with them. I want views about pure social bookmarking and directory sites. Cheers 🙂



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