Beautiful Abaya Designs 2016 for Girls

Abaya is used to cover the body of women. It is also called as burqa in South Asia. The fashion of Abaya is come from Arab where ladies do not cam outside without covering their full body with Abaya. It is necessary to cover whole body for all females according to Islam. It is also referred as Muslim religious dress. In the past, Abayas are only in black color but now they are available in various colors and designs. Due to increasing demands of it in the whole world, fashion artists started to introduce different styles even for different seasons. Summer season abaya are light in colors and have thin fabrics while for winter season fabric is thick and warm with dark colors.

Here we selected for you some beautiful Abaya collection for 2015 according to latest fashion trends.

abaya collection 2015

abaya design with golden buttons and patches

abaya designs for wedding

abaya designs latest

abaya designs latest

These abaya designs are designed by the famous fashion designers and now available in almost all the outlets and in local market. You can also find them in online shopping sites f clothing’s. These are for all ages of women as well as for young age girls.

abaya with red embroidary

arabic abaya design 2015

arabic style abaya

beautiful abayas designs

These burqas are not very simple as we seen in old days. They have different colors like blue, silver, grey, brown and black shades. Some of them also have embroidery on the corners. You can wear any dress under these abayas and match it with scarves or hijabs.

Collection of Abaya Pictures:

Find the best one for you from this gallery. You can also use them on weddings.

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