WWE Fraud – WWE Reality – WWE Fake it’s not Real Fighting

WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment , it basically take off from America. Now it become a famous sports in the world . But the all fightings of WWE are not real little bit among them are also fake . It is because they mostly want to entertain the people and stage crowd . Sometimes they fight only for revealing that they are enemy . Some wrestlers John Cena , Under Taker , Batista and some other big wrestlers got a lot of fame from this profession

But their are many blunders and mistakes in wrestlings . And thats the reason many people called it a fraud and fake . Why people called it fraud and fake . Watch this video , afterwards your mind would be clear.

Watch the Video of WWE Fake and Fraud :-
WWE Fraud Video by Daud Mughal

In past some wrestlers also killed due to wrestling because they suffered from serous injurious. And this may cause of their death.Some wrestlers also left this profession due to their wounds . These wrestlers who end up their career of wrestling , they had risen in Hollywood movies . Wrestlers who join Hollywood in that list Rock named is on the top of list .This talented wrestler earn very fame in Hollywood as well as in World Wrestling Entertainment .


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