Pics of Birthday Cakes – Cake Ideas for Boys & Girls

Looking for Pics of Birthday Cakes ? You come at very right place. Here we provide you all type of Happy birthday Cakes pictures, Images and photos with their descriptions which include latest cake decorating ideas for general and simple making recipes. We also describe different style birthday cakes for boys and for girls. Kids also love

I Phone 4S price and Review

The new brand of I Phone is 4S which is now available with a lot of technologies . The 3G and 4GS available in I Phone 4S .The brand have android and Window 7 available . The high quality slim glass along with single button .It sides of 4S is made up of stainless steals

Q Mobile Tablets Prices in Pakistan

Q Mobile Tablet New Prices List :-     Q Mobile X 50 Q Tablet  19500 Rupees , nineteen  thousands and five hundreds only . QTAB Q 800 is 16 ,500 Rupees , sixteen thousands and fifteen hundred. QTAB Q 300 is 14, 900 Rupees , fourteen thousands and nine hundred. QTAB Q 100 is

Homemade Beauty Tips for Girls

Easy Steps to Get Beautiful at your Home The charm of beauty is very Beautiful. Every single women or girl wants to look beautiful. They wish to make herself more beautiful and attractive.  In this busy life it is very difficult for many of girls or women to go to parlors and take treatments regularly.

Super Moon Tonight Live

Super Moon Tonight Central Time Live Head Up! Super Moon is On Sky …… A super moon is a type of moon. Its size is  bigger than the normal size of moon. The term ‘Super Moon’ was originally told by Astrologer Richard Nolle Back in 1979 for an article published in Horoscope Magazine Normal distance

How to Apply for Free Scholarship to Study Abroad

Students from Pakistan go abroad for their further studies. Now these days it is the common practice among students to go Abroad.  Students Apply for foreign Scholarships. Many of the top Universities of the World offers thousands of scholarships programs for graduates, under graduates, masters and PH.D’s students. Each year Billion of Euros worth of

Chinese Government Banned Window 8

The big news from the government of Republic of China released last week of this month that they enforce banned to buy APPLE products in their government employees . The Government spokesman of China officially announced this because of security concerns. Chinese Government Banned in Apple Products The government estimated banned all products of Apple

How to Control the World Around You

Allah…Our lord , Our creator.All praises are for Allah. For Him(Subha’na hu wa tala) it is “Only Kun fayakoon” “Be and it is” How You Can Change Your Life? Nothing is impossible for Allah One of the attribute of Allah is that He loves his believing slaves. Allah loves all of his Human beings . He

Apple I Phone 6 Realeases / Launched Date 9th Sepember

The news that I declared for Apple fans is really a fantastic news , the Apple company decided to launched their new invention , the brand is I Phonic . The CNN News website officially reported and all rumor news fell down after this that the Apple iPhone 6  would be launched on coming nearer

Israel Attacks on Gaza / Palestine

Everything seems to be calm from now on as the war between the two countries (Israel & Palestine) which has going on comes to a STOP but is there any guarantees that this evil attacks by Israel will not to be happens again in future.  Facebook and Social Media Showed the Real Face of Israel